Financial Security for your children

3 December 2016
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3 December 2016, Comments 0

Financial security is usually the least of most parents’ concern for their children. This is in large part due to them being unaware of its importance or perhaps what it is even about. In reality, financial security for your children sets the basis for important plans for their future, such as their education. It also protects them from possible shortcomings such as accidents or the loss of a loved one. These events may cost your child to lose the hard work they have put into whatever they were pursuing.

Financial security for your child is never too late despite their age. Ensuring that they are financially safe and stable now is extremely crucial for them to also remain so at an older age, since it is much easier to upkeep this security than to begin from scratch. Being exposed to financial security at a young age makes it easier for them to transition to adulthood and handle it on their own.

Now that you are aware of the importance of financial security for your children, here are several areas where you can ensure financial security for your children, along with some guidelines to follow.


This is straightforward and most people are aware of this. It is important to teach your child about saving, however note that while it is important to help your child save, it is much better to teach them to save their money rather than keep it for them. Funds ensure that in any situation that they may face in any time of their lives, they are able to handle it financially. Funds include savings, education funds and emergency funds. It is also recommended that they are made aware about emergency funds as early as possible so as to cultivate the habit of maintaining one.

Life insurance

Life insurance policy makes sure that if a parent were to die, your child’s well-being and education by covering income lost and child-care costs. It is hard to tell when something bad may happen, thus as a parent it is important to ensure that if these were to occur, your child will be protected and unaffected financially as much as possible. Have a good talk with a few insurance agents and find the most trustable agent around before getting life insurance for both you and your partner.


Don’t let someone else decide what to do with your money when you pass on – make the decision yourself in advance. This should also address who takes care of your child and the legal matters that ensue your passing on. Make sure that the guardian is fully able to handle your child’s monetary issues. Contact a lawyer and set up both your will and your partner’s.

Educating your children

While you may be able to do many things for them to ensure they are financially secure, it is also important that when they are able to make wise and rational decisions when they are of age. Hence, educating your children on the importance of being money-wise is vital. It is impossible to control their spending forever and while it is easier to succumb to their wailing and tempers for wanting a toy, it would benefit your child in the long-run to patiently teach them about the importance of being money-wise.

Consider teaching them about handling money by using toys or mock items and mimic a typical scenario where money handling is involved. The aim is to make them understand about the value of money, how money works and the importance of opportunity costs in everything they spend on.


While this has no direct relation to finance, ensuring that your child is healthy can mean a world of difference when it comes to finance. Medical costs are not cheap, yet prevention of illnesses is much simpler and cheaper. Ensuring that your child has a healthy diet and exercise routine will keep them in good health. A child who is frequently sick may incur a lot of medical costs, eventually the family will lose a lot of money and hence less can be devoted to them.

Invest in them

ChildrenUnderstand more about investing in your child with a financial planner and learn more about the possible things that could be done. Investing to see monetary gains in a few years or to be able to afford university by the age of 18 are some possible ways to invest in your child. These either ensure that their future is secure or their finances are secure. However, there is no harm in aiming to invest more if you can afford to. It will be better to first discuss with a financial planner and come to a conclusion to the best investments to make.


In order for your child to not be held back in any possible way, ensure they are financially secure. These are merely guidelines, as there are more ways to ensure that they are financially secure. More importantly, it must also be noted that financial security for your child begins with you. If you are able to secure your finances, they do not have to begin to help you and your partner financially from a young age. Saving from a young age adds up in the long-run and can benefit them greatly. Keeping that in mind along with the guidelines, ensuring financial security for your children is not so daunting after all.

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